Two Weeks until Project Deadline

Rajiv is a team leader for software development. His team is working for a US client and Rajiv talks daily with his counterpart, Robert. An important project is to be completed in two weeks. Time is critical. The time difference with California is 13.5 hours. They talk at 7 AM California time which is 8:30 PM in Delhi for about ½ hour. Then Rajiv makes some notes for the next day and finally leaves the office at about 9:30 PM. During Robert’s day, he sends Rajiv a summary email to be sure that communication has been clear.

When Rajiv gets to the office at 9 AM, he reads Robert’s email. He realizes that one point isn’t clear. But it is already 7:30 PM in Calif. He tries the office just to see if Robert is there, but he isn’t. His team does what they can, but Rajiv has to wait until the night call to ask his question. When they talk, Robert seems frustrated that not enough work got done that day. Robert reminds Rajiv that time is coming close and everyone should be working hard. Rajiv promises that they are doing their best and asks for the clarification. Then they discuss the work for tomorrow. Before hanging up Rajiv asks Robert if he could have a cell or home phone number to contact him. Robert is surprised by this request and says that he doesn’t take work calls after office hours. Robert remarks, “Until now there hasn’t been a problem and each day I send you an email, so everything should be clear.” Rajiv doesn’t push for a phone number but is surprised that Robert doesn’t seem more concerned about getting the project done in the 2 weeks left.

Are both Robert and Rajiv committed to the project?
Why is Robert reluctant to give Rajiv his cell number?
What adjustment can each side make so that the project will finish on time?