Our Team

Shanti provides cross-cultural training, consulting, and coaching for all things Indian. Our experienced trainers facilitate interactive workshops which go beyond a list of cultural ‘dos and don’ts’ and seek to build cultural intelligence and intercultural communication competence. Our consultants focus on accurately assessing and developing interventions to impact your business results. Our executive coaches help leaders set individual goals and support them in their efforts to get to where they want to be.

Whether you are partnering with an Indian vendor, relocating to India, considering entering the Indian market, managing a virtual team, or serving international clients from a business center in India, our team can help you be successful in your cross-cultural endeavor. 


Our international team of experienced trainers is onsite and ready to help you achieve your strategic goals. Our team sets us apart.

David Peace: Consultant, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

As the founder of Shanti Consulting, David has lived in Delhi since 2001. With years of multicultural interactions, he guides executive leaders and teams to increase their global effectiveness. His coaching has helped clients to gain momentum and overcome obstacles to reach goals. As a consultant for cross-cultural virtual teams, David has developed best practices to build trust and increase productivity in international organizations. David reads widely in the areas of history, sociology and current events. He enjoys travelling, sports and exploring Delhi on foot.

Cindy Peace: Coach, Trainer, Facilitator

Cindy is an executive coach and cross-cultural trainer based in Delhi. Her skills in coaching include ability to create perspective and changed behavior. She focuses on building cross-cultural competencies for incoming and outgoing expats and virtual teams in the areas of communication in the global environment and behavioral adaptation through increased understanding of target cultures. She is a US national with personal cross-cultural experience in Taiwan, South America, Europe and now India, the country she’s called home since 2001.

Ben Bowling: Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator

Ben's passion is to lead people into transformative experiences. Originally from Ohio, Ben moved to India in 2008, where he has worked as a trainer and consultant. With a Global MBA from Thunderbird, his specializations include business communication, change management, conflict resolution, employee engagement and intercultural communication. Ben loves to learn and enthusiastically engages others with new content he discovers. He enjoys exploring the mountains of Uttarakhand, where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

Subject Matter Experts

With many years’ experience in India, the Shanti team networks with experts in a variety of fields and from a variety of countries. We contract with them to be subject matter experts to meet your specific needs. Whether you need help understanding the pharma business in India, the unique challenges of being an NRI manager, or the culture and communication style of France, Philippines, or Ecuador, our network of subject matter experts add that specific information.

"This would help anyone that is visiting India. It helps give perspective on how we can deliver our corporate values more effectively."
“Thanks again – the buzz was already good, but the weekend has helped to step it up another notch.”
Program Director, U.S. India Educational Foundation
“Thank you for your excellent presentation and interactive session. Your PowerPoint on ‘U.S. Cultural Adjustments’ is an excellent resource. I also appreciate your talking candidly to the students.”
Student going to Fordham University
“The biggest fear is that of the unknown. I keep asking myself, ‘Will I be able to cope with new people in a new environment?’ The workshop dealt with a lot of my apprehensions. Thanks a lot!”
HCL Employee
“The program content was comprehensive and delivered exceptionally well. David’s keen understanding of India and Indians ensures that participants are able to connect with their American counterparts.”