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Our Clients

We have helped multinational corporations, entrepreneurial startups, professionals on expatriate assignment, virtual teams, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies increase their performance through cross-cultural training, consulting and leadership coaching. Contact us to learn how we can assist you to increase your cross cultural communication competency.


Our Story

As a child growing up in small-town Pennsylvania, I was captivated watching the international news with my parents. As a young adult I moved to New York City and took full advantage of opportunities to interact with people from around the globe. My appetite for international news and fascination with cultural differences converged in the early nineties, as the Indian economy opened up and international business in India saw phenomenal growth. I had found my niche.

I moved to India in 2001 with my family, and formed Shanti Consulting shortly afterwards. I’ve spent a good part of the last 20 years listening and learning from Indian and global professionals about their experiences working on cross-cultural teams. I’ve seen many professionals on expatriate assignments thrive and international teams overcome cultural frustrations and build lasting and successful intercultural partnerships. As Shanti grew, we added executive and leadership coaching in Delhi and India to our services.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the flashes of insight in the eyes during a cross-cultural training. Well, that might not be entirely true. A well-prepared Indian Thali puts up pretty stiff competition.


“The program content was comprehensive and delivered exceptionally well. David’s keen understanding of India and Indians ensures that participants are able to connect with their American counterparts.”

“The biggest fear is that of the unknown. I keep asking myself, ‘Will I be able to cope with new people in a new environment?’ The workshop dealt with a lot of my apprehensions. Thanks a lot!”

“Thank you for your excellent presentation and interactive session. Your PowerPoint on ‘U.S. Cultural Adjustments’ is an excellent resource. I also appreciate your talking candidly to the students.”

“Thanks again – the buzz was already good, but the weekend has helped to step it up another notch.”

"This would help anyone that is visiting India. It helps give perspective on how we can deliver our corporate values more effectively."