Shanti has partnered with dozens of organizations and thousands of professionals to become more effective working and living cross-culturally. While every client has a different set of needs, our services include:

Team Training
One-on-one Coaching
Performance Consulting
Group Facilitation

Team Training

Creating an environment for participants to discover the impact of culture on work and life is the hallmark of Shanti workshops. Highly interactive and participant-focused, workshops led by our experienced facilitators help to develop core competencies required for cross-cultural success. Customized to your unique needs, workshop topics include:

  • Building Cultural Intelligence
  • Cross-Cultural Customer Service
  • Cultural Orientation to India
  • Preparing to Work or Study Abroad
  • Cross-Cultural Business Communication
  • Conflict Resolution in a Multicultural Environment

“The program content was comprehensive and delivered exceptionally well. David’s keen understanding of India and Indians ensures that participants are able to connect with their American counterparts, not just learn about them and their way of life. It is rare to come across trainers who can make barriers between cultures disappear. David is one of them.”

One-on-one Coaching

A survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 90% of executives from more than 60 countries said cross-cultural leadership was their greatest management challenge. Shanti coaches listen, reflect, support and provide resources to assist you in developing cross-cultural leadership competencies.

Executives often find that the competencies required within their business culture are insufficient to successfully negotiate international partnerships and effectively lead multicultural teams. Allow our experienced executive coaches to partner with you in your professional development.

“Discoveries during my coaching sessions were ‘cascades of insights’ for me.  These insights gained during coaching were put into action resulting in my team members becoming more proactive in their functions.”

Performance Consulting

Whether your business goal is customer satisfaction, sales, employee retention, cost control, or project delivery, Shanti’s consultants partner with you to improve your results. Combining traditional consulting tools with a deep understanding of culture and communication, our consultants evaluate three key areas impacting your business results.

  1. Performance Needs: What do employees need to do in order to achieve business results?
  2. Learning Needs: What do employees need to know in order to achieve business results?
  3. Environmental Needs: What support systems need to be in place for employees to achieve business results?

“David Peace was terrific. His experiences were in line with many of mine and he provided
coaching that will be valuable for me while I’m in India. This was so enlightening, that I wish
that all my management colleagues could have this same overview to assist them with their
India teams.”



Meetings can be difficult. Sharing openly, soliciting feedback and gaining buy-in is no small task for any sized organization. The word ‘facilitate’ means ‘to make easy’. Using our coaching, listening and team building skills, we bring people together to help them achieve their objectives during meetings and retreats. From planning and design, to interactive team building activities, to group discussions and reaching consensus, our facilitators keep your group on target.

As an unbiased presence, facilitators create goodwill and can help your team navigate crucial conversations. Facilitators also take the administrative burden from the shoulders of your leaders, allowing them to be fully engaged and focused on the issues and people at hand. Our facilitators also create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for participants, increasing creativity and team bonding. Beginning with the end in mind, together we can create a map to get there.

I commend you for the great facilitation and ability to make the retreat not just traditional work, but fun for all. Many participants commented on their appreciation for the virtues you displayed.