Shanti has partnered with dozens of organizations and thousands of professionals to help them become more effective working and living cross-culturally. While every client has a different set of cultural competency needs, our services include:

Virtual Team Building

In a 2012 survey, The Society for Human Resource Management found that 66% of organizations with multinational operations use virtual teams. It’s no wonder why work in global virtual teams is on the rise. Global virtual teams allow organizations access to global talent and multicultural perspectives while providing flexibility for their employees.

While virtual teams can outperform traditional on-site teams, they face unique challenges. Cultural differences, working across time zones, and communicating virtually can make it difficult to build trust and establish effective teamwork processes.

Shanti Consulting provides webinars, workshops and executive coaching to improve the performance of global virtual teams. Contact us today to talk about ways to improve the performance of your international teams.

Executive Coaching

A survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit found that 90% of executives from more than 60 countries said cross-cultural leadership was their greatest management challenge. Shanti coaches listen, reflect, support and provide resources to assist you in developing cross-cultural leadership competencies.

Executives often find that the competencies required within their business culture are insufficient to successfully negotiate international partnerships and effectively lead multicultural teams. Allow our experienced executive coaches to partner with you in your professional development.

“Discoveries during my coaching sessions were ‘cascades of insights’ for me. These insights gained during coaching were put into action resulting in my team members becoming more proactive in their functions.”

Cross Cultural Training and Consulting

Research shows that effectively managed multicultural teams outperform their monocultural counterparts in non-routine tasks. We provide cultural competency training to help you build high performing teams.

We have facilitated hundreds of cross-cultural workshops for organizations large and small. Creating an environment for participants to discover the impact of culture on work and life is the hallmark of Shanti workshops. Highly interactive and participant-focused, workshops led by our experienced facilitators help to develop core competencies required for cross-cultural success.
Our areas of specialization include developing cultural intelligence, cross-cultural conflict, Intercultural communication, Indian business culture and working with Americans.

“Ben was great in his delivery style, openness, and vulnerability. We covered many valuable topics including culture, team, and communication but our time together with the facilitator was the most valuable.”

Cultural Orientation for Expatriate Assignments

Living and working abroad can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Moving to a foreign country can also be one of the most challenging experiences! Having lived abroad for more than a decade, our team at Shanti understands the stresses, challenges, opportunities, and joys of international life.

We provide cultural orientation for expatriates moving to India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and America. Our cultural overview program prepares expatriates and their families to successfully navigate cultural transitions and culture shock. We work with expatriates to grow their understanding of cultural practices at home and in the workplace and come alongside them in developing cultural competency skills.

Facilitation Services

Meetings can be difficult. Sharing openly, soliciting feedback and gaining buy-in is no small task for any sized organization. The word ‘facilitate’ means ‘to make easy’. Using our coaching, listening and team building skills, we bring people together to help them achieve their objectives during meetings and retreats. From planning and design, to interactive team building activities, to group discussions and reaching consensus, our facilitators keep your group on target.

As an unbiased presence, facilitators create goodwill and can help your team navigate crucial conversations. Facilitators also take the administrative burden from the shoulders of your leaders, allowing them to be fully engaged and focused on the issues and people at hand. Our facilitators also create a relaxed and enjoyable environment for participants, increasing creativity and team bonding. Beginning with the end in mind, together we can create a map to get there.

“I commend you for the great facilitation and ability to make the retreat not just traditional work, but fun for all. Many participants commented on their appreciation for the virtues you displayed.“

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