Donā€™t let culturalĀ confusion frustrate your global partnerships. Whether you areĀ entering the Indian market, outsourcing a business process to India, or managing an Indian virtual team, understanding the communication styles and cultural values of Indians is crucial to your success. Our experienced consultants are ready to help you understand the nuances of Indian culture and succeed in your multicultural partnerships. Contact us to get started in the right direction.
Relocating to India? Get the best out of your India experience. Cultural differences in the workplace and in everyday life make India one of the most challenging assignments for expatriates. Our relocation and orientation workshops led by experienced expats help newcomers successfully navigate issues of cultural adaptation and culture shock. Allow us to help you thrive while working and living internationally. Reduce cultural misunderstandings and increase your longevity in India by developing cultural intelligence. Contact us to prepare for living cross-culturally.
Learn how to meet the expectations of your global clients. Cross-cultural understanding is not just for incoming expats. Indian companies are working hard to maintain global clients in a competitive market. We help you develop the core competencies required to satisfy your American, British, European and other global clients through our customized training. Cross-cultural understanding begins with those responsible for the project and reaches those delivering the service or content. We provide coaching for Indian executives and project leaders, cultural communication workshops for virtual and IT teams, customer service training for call centers, pre-departure training for employees going abroad and project consulting to help align your performance with international expectations. Contact us to improve your customer satisfaction and team productivity.
Prepare yourself to make the most of your international experience. Whether you are coming to study in India or an Indian student about to begin a course abroad, your success will depend on your ability to develop cultural understanding. Few destinations offer as much for international students and study abroad programs as India. Our cultural orientation workshops go beyond a simple list of dos and donā€™ts and prepare students to effectively communicate cross-culturally and make the most of their international experience. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.