Speaking of India, Bridging the Communication Gap When Working with Indians

By Craig Storti

Craig Storti, a leading interculturalist, chooses to write specifically about doing business in India; this book is an obvious pick for anyone needing to communicate with Indians! Storti captures key communication issues which cause project delays and relational tensions when Indians work with Western colleagues. His solid cross-cultural foundation and practical insights when put into practice will go a long way in developing healthy virtual teams in the Indian context.

Being Indian

By Pavan K Varma

Foreigners seeking to understand India or Indians wanting to take a look at their own cultural presuppositions should read this book. Although you may not agree with all of Varma’s conclusions, the book offers articulate reasons for India’s emergence as an economic power and examines attitudes and values which have driven it.

Americans at Work: A Guide to the Can-Do People

By Craig Storti

Craig Storti presents a good overview of the American workplace in terms of the values that drive the workforce, as well as practical advice for learning how to work with Americans. If you are just beginning to work with Americans, this book can help prevent embarrassing moments. If you are an American, it is well worth looking at how others may view you. - See more at:

Culture Shock! USA

By Esther Wanning

Most Americans rarely stop to think about their own culture. This book is worth reading whether you agree with Wanning’s analysis of American culture or not. In addition to practical information for the newcomer to the US, there is an interesting presentation of underlying values which shape or at least influence the lives of most Americans giving the reader a deeper understanding.

The Art of Crossing Cultures

By Craig Storti

This is a classic on cultural transition. He not only describes the process of culture shock, but presents models for working through issues and leading to cultural adjustment.



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