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Practical and Culturally Relevant: India Startup Report

Are you looking for information about India with a desire to understand market realities?  The India Startup Report SlideShare takes a look at local culture, trends, players and challenges.  It gives a good overview of the Indian Ecosystem.  While focusing on the startup community, it contains information that will help established corporations as well.  The Indian market is different than other emerging markets and the report looks at innovations in several different commodities.  Some key cultural insights include the traditional cash-flow mindset, risk tolerance, investment norms, time, decision making, ambition and optimism about the future.  The masses of IT firms compete for qualified human resources. Learn what’s unique about the Indian talent pool.

It’s brief; give yourself about 15 minutes and expect to learn something that will help you as you navigate your venture in India.  Shanti gives a “thumbs up” to this practical report.

India Startup Report