Embassies, Government Agencies and NGOs

In few places is effective cross-cultural communication more essential than in foreign affairs and diplomacy. Successful international relations and negotiations depend on the ability to communicate effectively across cultures and to value different perspectives and world views.Those working in non-governmental organizations and in the international development sector also recognize the importance of cultural intelligence and effective communication as they are frequently involved in multi-national partnerships to achieve their goals.

Shanti’s workshops focus on developing cultural intelligence and communication competencies. Topics include…

  • Cross-Cultural Leadership
  • Foundational Cultural Models
  • Cultural Behaviors, Expressions and Values
  • Understanding the Impact of Worldview
  • Cultural Case Studies
  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Culture Shock and Culture Stress
  • Effective Multicultural Teamwork
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution

Whether you are welcoming a new staff member from abroad, forming a multi-cultural task force, or improving your cross-cultural conflict negotiation skills, Shanti’s workshops can provide a springboard for your success.

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