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Our Team

Our international team of experienced trainers is onsite and ready to help you achieve your strategic goals. Our team sets us apart.

David Peace

David guides leaders and teams to improve their global effectiveness. David lived in New York City for 18 years as a cross-cultural professional and then moved with his family to India in 2001, where he conducts cross-cultural training workshops for multinational companies, government and non-government organizations. In addition to a Masters Degree with an Intercultural emphasis, David received training at the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland, Oregon and bases his training on practical knowledge from personal experience. In 2007 David designed training and led a team to train over 2,500 IT engineers for HCL Technologies, the 4th largest IT Company in India. He is motivated by a deep interest in Indian culture, history and keeps up with current events and their impact on the business environment.

Stephen Arnold

Stephen, an able teacher and communicator in both group and one-on-one settings, joined Shanti Consulting in July 2007 as the Business and Leadership Developer. Stephen moved to Delhi in 2001 with his family to direct The East West Language Institute where he managed Indian staff giving him insight into Indian work habits and cultural patterns. Besides his management responsibilities, Steve walked through cultural adjustment issues for life and work in India with their Expatriate clients. In addition to studies in Anthropology and Cross-Cultural Communication, Stephen has a Certificate in Management Studies. His practical experience in office and business settings enables him to understand the challenges and demands of this environment.

Benjamin Bowling

Benjamin finds creative solutions to global communication challenges and assists business professionals in developing their cultural intelligence. He has a B.A. in Business and Organizational Communication from the University of Akron, a Global M.B.A. from Thunderbird School of Global Management, and a range of internal consulting experience including Fortune 50, NGO, and small enterprise. Benjamin’s areas of specialization include cross-cultural communication, change management, team dynamics, and business communication. Benjamin has intercultural experience in over 15 countries and has lived in Delhi since 2008.

Cindy Peace

Cindy focuses on communication issues in the global environment and the practical issues of settling successfully into a new culture. Her cross-cultural journey began at the age of 4 when her parents chose a 3-year posting in Taiwan. During a college gap year she traveled in South America and Europe with an educational organization. After receiving a bachelors in Intercultural Studies she worked with International Students in NYC and since then she has continued to facilitate cultural understanding and adjustment and cross-cultural communication. She has lived with her family in Delhi since 2001 and finds life in India to be always interesting.

T.J. Smith

T.J. works with business professionals to fully leverage cultural diversity, creating a competitive advantage in the global business environment. Previously, he worked as a training specialist for one of the world’s leading medical companies and became involved in Lean Six Sigma as a Green Belt. He has a B.A. and Masters related to Intercultural work and studied at the Inter-Cultural Institute in Portland, Oregon, specializing in Assessment and Training for the MNC. TJ has lived and worked in India since 2005, speaks Hindi and enjoys a good Bollywood drama.


Jayant Shukla

Jayant is a qualified Human Resource Development professional with a commercial background. He has lived and worked in the US, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, India and is now in New York City. Jayant has hands-on practical experience managing cross-cultural teams as Director at Standard Chartered Bank Group and a Partner in the international accounting firm of Spicer and Oppenheim. Through his firm JointForce, he specializes in Key Executive and Team Coaching, Culture Change and Organisation Development, and Introduction to the North India Workforce.

Randall Livingston

Randall is from the United States and has an in-depth understanding of Indian culture having studied and worked here. His wife is Indian and they have settled in Delhi. He has Master’s degrees in Sociology and in International and Comparative Education (TESOL focus) and for a number of years has trained in call centers in both culture and voice. For the past 4 years he has worked in Japan and is effective in training for Japan-India specific orientation as well as culture, communication skills, and accent neutralization.

Tatyana Maksymenko

Tatyana represents Shanti as our Russian block specialist. She is from Ukraine and graduated with honors in Applied Psychology from National Pedagogical University in Kiev. She has lived in Delhi since 2001 and has a good understanding of Eastern European and Indian cultures and of organizational culture.

Industry Experts

In addition to our associates Shanti Consulting draws from experts in a variety of fields including those with practical experience in academic, legal and medical professions.

Indian Business Communication Consulting


Focused on India and its global partners, Shanti Consulting enables people to be successful in their cross-cultural interactions through training, consulting, and coaching.

Why Choose Shanti?

  • Our in-depth experience and understanding of cultural factors impacting India across a wide range of industries and organizations enable us to address issues relevant to successful cross-cultural transactions
  • Our trainers have significant experience living outside their culture, enabling them to bring fresh perspectives to cultural issues.
  • Our case studies come from personal experience with India-global interactions.
  • We focus on behavioral change and improving the cross-cultural performance of your organization.
  • Our workshops are customized based on the unique needs of your organization and we approach each partnership with a fresh mindset.


Shanti Consulting, LLC was founded in 2001 by David Peace and Gene McCullum in response to the needs generated by the phenomenal increase in business activity between India and the US.

Shanti drew from the engineering and management experience of Gene McCullum’s 30+ years at Best Lock in Indianapolis, and David Peace’s expertise as a cross-cultural practitioner in New York City.

In India Shanti Consulting is registered as Shanti Path Consultants Pvt. Ltd. with consultants specializing in bridging gaps in skills and understanding that exist between India and her global partners.